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16 INCH Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar Love Flute Blanks

16 INCH Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar Love Flute Blanks

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The Native Americans once believed the Love Flute was used for courting, because of it's beautiful bright, melodic sounds.

Our 16" and 18" Love Flutes are the perfect size to carry anywhere. With it's small playing holes it's a perfect fit for children, and ease of building makes it perfect for beginners.

This love flute blank comes in Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar with a beautiful soft tones, and amazing clean, clear grain.  This wood produces a tone that is soft and mellow, yet adds a beautiful clean and clear sound.  The grain is very smooth and strait, with a rich vanilla yellow color.

Our CNC love flute blanks come with precision cut blow holes, slow air chamber, exit holes, focus channel, true sound hole, and sound chamber pre-cut for you.  Only light sanding, minor shaping of air holes, and carving the "Cutting Edge" is required by you before glue up.

Our exclusive slow air chamber ramp (SACR) design allows for smooth consistent air flow all throughout the windway and across the cutting edge.  What this means is your flute will produce a clean, clear, sound with reduce effort compared to that of traditional flute designs.

  • Old Growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar
  • Typically produces High F# thru high C
  • 16" Total Length
  • 3/8" Blowhole
  • Approximately 1-1/2" Wide by 1-1/2" Height when glued together
  • Single 5/8" Bore Sound Chambers
  • Pre-cut Blowhole, SAC, Exit Hole, Focus Channel, True Sound Hole, and Sound Chamber.
  • Perfect for Beginners.
  • Great size for children and those with small hands.

Wood Characteristics:

Color/Appreance: Heartwood is a light yellowish . Sapwood is pale yellowto almost white and isn’t clearly distinguished from the heartwood. Color tends to darken with age upon exposure to light, (though when left exposed outdoors it weathers to a uniform gray).

Workability: Easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Holds paint well. Stains, glues, and finishes well.


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