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24 INCH African Teak (Afrormosia) with Redheart Endcaps and Ebony Bands

24 INCH African Teak (Afrormosia) with Redheart Endcaps and Ebony Bands

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Custom cut, please inquire
ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!!  Looking for something unlike any other flute out there?  African Teak is highly sought after and making of musical instruments for it's Superior Sound Quality.  We have a very limited supply and are happy to bring this beautiful piece of wood to you. 

This flute blank is one of a kind African Teak (Afrormosia) with Redheart Endcaps and Ebony Bands.  Heartwood is typically a yellowish brown, occasion will have an either reddish or olive hue. Color tends to darken with age. Narrow sapwood is pale yellow and is clearly differentiated from the heartwood.  Afrormosia is hard wood with Janka Hardness: 1570lbf (11,970 N), harder than Oak or Walnut.  Despite being hard, it's easy to work with using sharp tools.  It Glues, stains and finishes very well.  It would produce a beautiful loud, clear Native American Flute Style sound.  

This blank is African Teak (Afrormosia) with Redheart Endcaps and Ebony Bands.  This is a truly one of a kind piece, that will produce a Concert Quality flute for your enjoyment.

We only have (1) of these blanks in stock, so get it while it last.

Our Process:

If you've made one or more flutes and would like to take it to the next level, or maybe your wanting to add some style to your flutes.  We have just the thing for you, quality pre-made flute end caps. 

We have come up with a process that has been very effective and seems to be quit stable for producing beautiful contrasting wood end caps.  Our process is simply to make precision CNC cuts to the end grain of each wood piece and then fit together forming a tight joint.  Once the square pieces of wood are jointed together we treat them as any other wood piece, plane to size and send thru our CNC machining process.  The results are a beautiful flute blank with contrasting wood colors and grain both at the mouth and the foot of the flute blank.

This is a special order item and are cut, glued, and machined by order.  Therefore we may have an approximate 7 day lead time before we can ship.

  • 24 INCH African Teak (Afrormosia) with Redheart Endcaps and Ebony Bands
  • Approximately 24" Total Length
  • 3/8" Blowhole
  • Approximately 1-7/8" Wide by 1-7/8" Height when glued together
  • Single 7/8" Bore Sound Chambers
  • Pre-cut Blowhole, SAC, Exit Hole, Focus Channel, True Sound Hole, and Sound Chamber.

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