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24 INCH x 7/8" Triple Bore DRONE Flute Blank- Eastern Red Cedar DRONE Flute Blank

24 INCH x 7/8" Triple Bore DRONE Flute Blank- Eastern Red Cedar DRONE Flute Blank

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Look for something that will stand out in the crowd?  This triple bore chamber DRONE is a joy to build, and sure conversation piece to your collection. Whether your new to flute building or a seasoned craftsmen, this flute blank is a joy to build.  

Building a Drone...or in this case a three chamber flute is really not much different than building a single bore flute, difference is really in the tuning and playing.  With our exclusive CNC blow hole design, each blow hole is located in a way that allows you to play one or all three chambers at the same time.  Tuning is much like a single bore flute but you would tune one chamber just like that of a single flute, then tune the other chambers with one hole and harmonize with the main chamber.

Our exclusive CNC designed flute blanks are like no other.  CNC routing significant increases the accuracy of cuts, allowing our blanks to achieve much tighter tolerances and providing you with an air tight attractive flute blank with minimal effort.

Due to the smooth movement and consistent speed of our CNC machines, each blanks sound chambers typically require very little sanding on the inside.  Some wood species varies in that the grain will stand up more than others.  However, our experience is a flute blank that requires minimal effort before glue up, allowing you to get to the fun part of putting character into your flute.

All of our CNC flute blanks come with precision cut blow holes, slow air chamber, exit holes, focus channel, true sound hole, and sound chamber pre-cut for you.  Only light sanding, minor shaping of air holes, and carving the "Cutting Edge" is required by you before glue up.

Our exclusive slow air chamber ramp (SACR) design allows for smooth consistent air flow all throughout the windway and across the cutting edge.  What this means is your flute will produce a clean, clear, sound with reduce effort compared to that of traditional flute designs.

Perfect centering alignment of our Blow holes, allow for consistent airflow into the SACR and increased back pressure providing a rich clean tone.

  • 24" Total Length
  • Approximately 3" Wide by 1-3/4" Height
  • Triple 7/8" Bore Sound Chambers (DRONE)
  • Pre-cut Blowhole, SAC, Exit Hole, Focus Channel, True Sound Hole, and Sound Chamber.

If you have any questions or need instruction on building this flute, please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Please notice when purchasing Eastern Red Cedar flute blanks!!!  Eastern Red Cedar is a staple of flute building and a very beautiful wood to work with.  However, it comes with it's challenges in that you WILL experience wood that has Knot, Cracks, and Warping.  Please understand that we work very hard in selecting wood that is as clean and clear as possible, but due to weather, moisture, and nature you may receive a cedar blank that you may need to work with to fill cracks or knots.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to work with you.

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