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24INCH CNC CUT - Kosso Rosewood with African Blackwood Endcaps

24INCH CNC CUT - Kosso Rosewood with African Blackwood Endcaps

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Blank as configured $95.00 (African blackwood makes this a little more) + $25 for the Full Flute shape milling.  So total for the blank is $120.00

We will ADD to this order (1) Hardwood Eagle Nest Totem (Dark wood) and (1) Hardwood Buffalo Totem (Red Wood).  Each Totem is $28.00 each x 2 = $36.00

Order Total with Flute Blank as configured and (2) Hardwood Totems = $156.00 FREE SHIPPING.

This beautiful Kosso Rosewood Flute Blanks with African Blackwood Endcaps and Maple Burl Bands.  The flute blank has been pre milled, cutting edge established, glued together and machined down to a full flute contour.  You will be required to install the playing holes, light sanding and final finish.

24" x 7/8" Bore

  • 24" Total Length
  • 3/8" Blowhole
  • Approximately 1-7/8" Wide by 1-3/4" Height when glued together
  • Single 7/8" Bore Sound Chambers
  • Pre-cut Blowhole, SAC, Exit Hole, Focus Channel, True Sound Hole, and Sound Chamber.

Full Milled Flute Contour Design:  The final diameter of the milled flute is 1 1/4" Round.  We provide a slight tapered mouth piece, with enough wood left for you to shape to your liking.  The top of the Nest is flat, that will provide a tight seal for your Totem.

Example of the contour and overall shape:

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