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Imagine placing a Totem Block that looks as if you carved it out of wood on your next flute.  It looks like wood, because it IS WOOD.  We have combined both wood and plastic to make a Totem that is durable, WET OUT RESISTANT, and has the look of hand carved for your next flute.

This Totem Block is a 3D Model of a Lion that's made from Wood / Plastic filament.  It offers a strong, durable, totem block that fits perfectly to the focus channel of our flute blanks.  If your having problems with your flute wetting out, then you may want to look at these totems.  Some of the advantages of using our Pre-Made totems are:

Our Totems are primarily made for use on our flutes or flute blanks.  If your purchasing for your own flute, please review the dimensions below to ensure a proper fit.  Please contact us if you have specific size requirements or any questions.

  • Bottom of Totem is VERY SMOOTH no need to sand before use
  • Lighter than wood
  • Very durable 
  • Wet Out Resistant
  • You can sand, paint, and stain just like wood
  • Reshaped for use with our flute blanks
  • Ready to use, just strap down and start using 
  • No need to drill holes or shape to the true sound hole
  • Offers a stove pipe design for aiding in playing outdoors under windy environments
Dimensions:  This Totem is FLAT and smooth on the bottom
Approx: 1" Wide x 2 1/2" Long x 2" Tall

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